Hospital Landau’s new OR for improved ergonomics

As the biggest medical facility in the Klinikum Landau-Südliche Weinstrasse GmbH hospital group, Landau Hospital has over 200 beds. Since April 2019, the approx. 3500 surgical procedures carried out each year have been supported by EIZO OR documentation solutions. The Klinikum Landau-Südliche Weinstrasse hospital group relies on EIZO CuratOR solutions for its OR documentation.

The requirements

Landau Hospital was using different documentation technology with each video system before the construction of the new OR suite and the introduction of the EIZO solution.

The integration of a large number of devices from various manufacturers was an enormous task. “It resulted in very high follow-up costs for implementation, data maintenance and licensing,” explains Thomas Hörner, who is responsible for medical device safety in the Klinikum Landau-Südliche Weinstrasse hospital group.

The fact that the necessary images could not be stored directly in the OR environment made work in the OR more difficult. “Previously, we had stored all intraoperative X-ray images in the X-ray machine and had printed them out on paper,” recalls Tobias Gäbelein, attending physician in trauma, hand and orthopaedic surgery at Landau Hospital.

Beyond meeting the requirements outlined above, one of the main reasons for awarding the tender to EIZO was the company’s flexibility in terms of installing the equipment in a very limited space. “We had an available depth of just 20 cm along the wall, and the entire system had to be accommodated within that space,” explains Thomas Hörner.

The solution

In each of the four new operating rooms at Landau Hospital, the EIZO OR documentation solution features the following components:

curator surgical panel 412

“Routine operation is extremely positive. Workflows and the ergonomics of operating procedures are optimised to the needs of our users. We now have access to all the information we need, from anywhere in the OR,”

Thomas Hörner and Andrea Landgraf, commercial director for surgical care at Landau Hospital.

The workflow

At the heart of the solution is the SP2-46-24 surgical panel. The two integrated monitors are each controlled by a dedicated computer and can therefore be used as separate OR workstations.

CuratOR Caliop is installed on the workstation for the 24-inch monitor. The video management and documentation systems can be operated from here. The 46-inch monitor is connected to the hospital PACS system and can thus be used to display the required X-ray images.

However, these monitors can also be used to display all image sources connected to the video management system. It is easy to switch between computer and video management using a button on the front of the surgical panel.

In total, there are eight options in the OR for connecting to the video management system. These converge in the LMM0804 Large Monitor Manager from where they can be made available on the EX271W satellite monitors directly on the operating table or on the 46-inch large monitor of the surgical panel.

workflow in the or room2x 48a

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