Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis, Tilburg

The Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg is one of the largest top clinical training hospitals in the Netherlands.

With a regional draw of almost half a million residents, in addition to patients from the North Brabant region, people from all over the Netherlands and neighbouring Belgium come to this facility for medical care.


The Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital wanted a centralized workstation that could handle OR and image management according to the hospital‘s specific requirements.

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In close cooperation between the project managers and EIZO, a solution was developed that met all the hospital‘s requirements.

Customised for its specific OR, a wall console with four monitors was designed that not only visually fits in very well with the overall image, but also meets all functional requirements.

In the middle, both 24-inch monitors offer the option of PACS image viewing. Both 23-inch monitors outside allow the user to operate the OR management and control software – through the comfort of touchscreens. The connection to the PC and video management components to the external technology room is established by the customer-specific configuration of technology inside the Surgical Panel.

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"EIZO’S CuratOR solution offers maximum functionality and flexibility that we have completely integrated into our Operation Room." 

Jan Steenbakker - Head Operating Room & Anesthesia

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