There’s more to our monitors than meets the eye.

We have developed features for our monitors, such as our unique Auto EcoView functionality, to tackle the problems posed by lighting conditions changing throughout the day. This functionality adjusts the screen brightness of the monitor to perfectly suit the ambient lighting conditions. This completely automated feature doesn’t just alleviate eye fatigue, but also helps to save energy by up to 50 per cent.

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Auto EcoView at a glance

  1. Automatically adjusts the screen brightness to changing ambient light
  2. EcoView Index displays how ecological your current screen settings are
  3. Minimum and maximum screen brightness levels can be selected freely
  4. Automatic mode for EcoView can be switched on and off
  5. Ergonomic and environmentally friendly
  6. Reduces eye fatigue
Automatic colour mode
Automatic colour mode

Always the best setting for you.

Automatic colour mode allows you to assign a specific display mode to individual applications. As soon as you open an application, the screen switches automatically to the predefined mode. Whether you are surfing the Web, looking at graphics in Office or using a word processor, automatic colour mode will ensure that you are always using the best setting for the task.

For example, if you are working on a Word file, the monitor will switch directly to paper mode. This optimises the contrast, brightness and colour settings in order to simulate the experience of reading real paper documents. Paper mode also reduces the levels of blue light, which alleviates strain on your eyes at your workstation.

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Paper mode at a glance

  1. 68 per cent less blue light
  2. Automatically optimises brightness, contrast and colour temperature levels
  3. Pleasant viewing experience similar to reading printed documents
Dynamic duo

The combination of paper mode and Auto EcoView brightness settings sharply reduces the levels of blue light, which prevents additional eye strain.

Hybrid technology
Hybrid technology

Stay focussed, even in the dark.

There are a variety of reasons why your eyes may feel under strain. When regulating brightness levels, many LED backlighting systems flash at frequencies that are perceived as flicker by sensitive users, which in turn leads to eye fatigue. Since monitors that produce flicker are not suitable for professional use, EIZO has developed a special hybrid technology that combines two brightness control options – PWM (pulse width modulation) and DC (direct current) dimming.

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The hybrid brightness control developed by EIZO produces flicker-free images and a reduction in eye fatigue in all conditions.


This is beneficial as it alleviates strain on the user’s eyes. You can work at your screen for longer periods and without losing your concentration, even in the dark. You can set the display brightness level to less than 1 per cent of the maximum value in dimly lit rooms, which also means that your screen will remain glare-free, even in these conditions.

Circadian Dimming
Circadian Dimming

Like night and day.

Circadian Dimming

The blue light emitted from electronic devices after sunset has a negative effect on our sleep quality. This is because our nervous system is particularly sensitive to it. However, during the day this same blue light ensures that we stay alert and attentive.

This is why our Screen InStyle software has a special circadian dimming functionality. You can use this to control the colour temperature of the monitor throughout the day to adjust it to your body’s internal clock.

While the colour temperature is higher during the day, it is reduced in the evenings and automatically decreases the levels of blue light. And best of all – the user won’t even notice or be distracted by these automatic adjustments.

Ultra-slim bezel
Ultra-slim bezel

Ultra-slim. Ultra-ergonomic.

At workstations with multi-monitor setups, the image is often disrupted by wide frames that are distracting to users. This is why the bezels on our monitors are so narrow you will hardly notice them. In addition to improving readability, this also reduces the number of movements your eyes and head have to make.

Flexible stand
Flexible stand

Make yourself comfortable.

Most people suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. Professionals are particularly affected by this issue, as one of the main causes of back pain is poor posture while working.

EIZO has found a solution to this problem. Our monitors are unique in their flexibility and can therefore be adjusted individually to each user. This means that each screen can be adapted to meet your personal requirements.

The height, tilt and swivel of all EIZO screens can be flexibly adjusted. In concrete terms, this means that our screens offer continuous height adjustment. Depending on the model, they can even be lowered to the base plate of the stand. This guarantees the best possible ergonomics, regardless of whether the user is sitting or standing in front of the screen. You can also swivel, rotate and tilt the monitor base to the position that is most comfortable for your posture.

This means that you won’t have to put your head and body in an uncomfortable position just to view your screen. Instead, you will be able to focus on more important things.

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Viewing angle stability
Viewing angle stability

The perfect view from every angle.

Viewing angle stability

The viewing angle determines the colour intensity, sharpness and contrast. This is why poor viewing angle stability can greatly limit your view and significantly distort colours.

Our office monitors achieve excellent viewing angle stability with the aid of innovative panel technologies. Colours and contrasts look the same in the corners as they do in the centre of the screen and your display content is always razor-sharp from every angle.

Anti-glare monitor
Anti-glare monitor

Maintain your focus.

Nothing is more distracting than dazzling reflections on your screen surface. That’s why all our monitors feature anti-glare coating. This doesn’t just protect your eyes from excessive strain, but also saves you from having to adopt uncomfortable positions while sitting in front of your monitor – positions that put a strain on your neck and muscles. This means that with EIZO, you can always work comfortably, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions.

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