Remote function

RadiNET Pro allows the remote management of screens over the entire clinic network. Calibration, acceptance and constancy testing, as well as schedule planning and asset management, can be initiated from a central location. Upon request, it can be operated simultaneously for several or even all screens.

Flexible compatibility

RadiNET Pro is used to control EIZO RadiForce screens and EIZO DICOM preset monitors with a calibration function. You can also run tests on test images, as well as performing configuration and asset management with other EIZO LCDs and suitable screens from other manufacturers.

Warning messages

Where the image quality of a monitor means that a check is necessary, a message will automatically be sent to a specified email address.

Integrated data management

It is possible to access vital data for quality assurance, but also for asset management, such as inventory numbers, model designations, and procurement data bidirectionally from any authorized server or client computers on the network.

Web-based application

RadiNET Pro is a web-based application and supports the free SQL Server 2008/2012 Express Edition as long as the data volume does not exceed ten gigabytes. As all information is stored centrally on this SQL server, the administrator is able to take quality assurance measures at all times and from anywhere in the facility. An upgrade to your own SQL server is required if the data volume exceeds ten gigabytes

Reporting function

Detailed information on each screen is summarized in a report. This contains information on the date of commissioning and measurement results from calibration, as well as acceptance and constancy testing data. Simply print out the documentation. Documentation from multiple screens can be generated and printed in a single work step.

Logbook function

RadiNET Pro Starter has a logbook function, which documents all actions taken by the administrator.

Manages 8,000 screens

When fully equipped, RadiNET Pro is capable of managing the entire client network with up to 8,000 screens on up to 1,000 workstations – from diagnostic monitors to KIS/RIS monitors.

Print table
Manageable number of PCs/monitors max. 1,000 PCs, max. 8,000 monitors
Browser for administrators (PC) Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9.0,
Google Chrome 29.0
Resolution for administrators (PC) At least 1,280×1,024
Server operating systems (PC) Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition SP1
Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition SP2
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2
Windows 7 SP1 (64 Bit)
Server database (PC) SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition
SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
SQL Server 2008 R2 Workgroup Edition
SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition
SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition
SQL Server 2008 Workgroup Edition SP2
SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition SP2
SQL Server 2008 Express Edition SP2
SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition SP3/SP4
SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SP3/SP4
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP3/SP4
Hard disk space on the server (PC) At least 100 GB
Server memory (PC) At least 2 GB
Languages Chinese, German, English, Japanese
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EIZO RadiNET Pro – quality assurance for RadiForce screens

EIZO RadiNET Pro quality management software, in conjunction with RadiCS, provides uniform quality assurance throughout the entire institution. From the monitor in the diagnostic viewing room, through the DICOM monitor for image inspection and distribution to the monitor for KIS/RIS applications, which have to show reference images. RadiNET Pro significantly reduces the effort for system administrators and service technicians.