UX2 sensor with medical monitor
Long-term stability and high performance

Conventional sensors are easily affected by environmental changes, which can lead to a drop in performance, such as humidity. Therefore, the UX2 sensor is based on the same leading technology that can be found in EIZO's integrated front sensors. Thanks to this technology , the UX2 is resistance to humidity, shocks, and allows precise measurements and calibrations.

Simple operation

The UX2 sensor is equipped with an LED indicator. This indicates whether the sensor is successfully connected to the monitor. Additionally, the UX2 come with a protective cap that prevents the sensor from becoming dirty when not in use to ensure continuous quality performance.

Thanks to the USB connection, the UX2 sensor can easily be connected to the monitor with a single USB cable.

Calibration according to DICOM® standard

The UX2 sensor in combination with the RadiCS software enables precise calibration of white point and tonal value characteristics according to the DICOM® standard.

Supported monitors

The UX2 sensor is suitable for use with EIZO RadiForce monitors, except the MX300W, MX240W, MX220W and MX210 models.

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