To use Screen InStyle, the monitor must be connected to the PC via USB. When using multiple screens, the monitors must be connected to each other via USB.

Power management with multiple monitors

Multi-monitor power management with Screen InStyle
You only need to switch one monitor on or off. This automatically controls all the other connected screens.

You use the power button on one monitor to automatically switch all connected screens on or off. This makes it easy to save energy.

When monitors have a presence sensor, all monitors will go into sleep mode during your absence.

Synchronization of screen settings

Synchronization of screen settings with Screen InStyle
The screen settings of a monitor are forwarded to connected monitors.

All colour mode or colour temperature adjustments as well as the automatic brightness adjustments made to a monitor are transferred to all connected screens. This saves setup time and ensures consistent coloring across all monitors.

Colour Briefcase

This function allows you to effortlessly maintain your individual screen preferences and take them with you, even to different EIZO monitors. Your settings are automatically reflected simply by connecting your laptop to a monitor supported by Screen InStyle.

This is useful in environments with hot-desking or shared workspaces, providing enhanced comfort and work efficiency.

Input signal and colour mode selection via hotkey

One practical functionality is the selection of the input signal via hotkey or key combination when several PCs are connected to one monitor.

This allows you to work simultaneously with a notebook and PC on a single monitor and easily switch from one to the other. This also applies if you use the picture-by-picture or picture-in-picture functionalities.

The colour mode can also be rapidly changed via hotkey or key combinations.

Input signal selection via hotkey with Screen InStyle
Simple switching between two connected PCs.
Screen InStyle: Configuring the signal selection
Configuration of the signal selection.

Less blue light

Screen InStyle offers a Circadian Dimming functionality that lowers the colour temperature of the monitor over the course of the day. The adjustment is made at 30-minute intervals and is therefore imperceptible to the user. 

In the early evening, the functionality automatically reduces the amount of blue light, which lessens the potential effect on your natural biorhythm and sleep cycle.

Screen InStyle: The Circadian Dimming functionality
The colour temperature of the monitor is lowered over the course of the day.
Screen InStyle Screenshot of Circadian Dimming
Circadian Dimming is individually configurable.

Automatic colour mode

Automatic colour mode allows you to assign a specific display mode to individual applications. As soon as you open an application, the screen switches automatically to the predefined mode. 

For example, if you are using a word processor, the monitor switches directly to paper mode. This protects your eyes and reduces the amount of blue light. You could also define sRGB mode for editing photos.

ScreenInStyle: Auto Color Mode
If you want to use the monitor in sRGB mode to edit photos, or in paper mode for processing Word files, the software changes the display mode for you automatically.
ScreenInStyle: screenshot Auto Color Mode
Assign a specific display mode to individual applications.

Windows Guide

Screen InStyle automatically connects to Windows Control Panel, so that any settings changed in the programme will automatically be changed through the Control Panel. Furthermore, these setting changes can be set to all monitors in a multi-monitor setup.


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Compatible monitors EV3285, EV3237, EV2785, EV2780, EV2760, EV2750, EV2457, EV2456, EV2455, EV2460, EV2451, EV2450, EV2360
Compatible operating systems Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit, 64-bit)
PC USB port
  • Screen InStyle

    EIZO’s Screen InStyle software allows you to easily manage power, colour, brightness, and other settings in a single or multi-monitor setup.