Comfort light for ColorEdge screens – perfect for working with Creative Suite applications and at dimly lit image processing workstations

Gentle on the eyes

Workstations where users work on Creative Suite applications are often kept dimly lit to prevent reflective and colorful ambient light from affecting monitor screen displays and to allow users to see dark scenes and contrasts more clearly.

However, users who spend long periods of time looking at bright monitors in dark environments risk straining their eyes. Moreover, in these kinds of environments, it is difficult to see documents or tools.

RadiLight can be attached to the back of ColorEdge monitors to illuminate the space behind them. This reduces the contrast between the lighting in the room and the image on the screen without detracting from the visibility of the image on the screen.


Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, some people perceive flicker on their monitor which causes eye fatigue. With technology based on the dimming control of EIZO's LED-equipped monitors, such as the FlexScan EV Series, RadiLight is a flicker-free lighting solution that reduces eyestrain.

Easy to attach

RadiLight is easy to attach to the back of the monitor stand, which means that it does not take up any valuable desk space. Power is supplied to RadiLight through the monitor’s USB port – this can be quickly and easily set up.

Spotlight for Navigating Your Workspace

The monitor is fitted with a spotlight called RadiLight Focus, which allows you to illuminate documents on your desk or see your keyboard and other tools.

Convenient ON/OFF functionality

You can easily switch RadiLight Area and RadiLight Focus on and off with the press of a button as needed.

Adjustable brightness

You can set the brightness of the RadiLight backlight to one of ten different levels. This means that you always have the proper and most comfortable lighting in your environment.

Sample application in the field of radiology:

Supported monitors